Thursday, April 8, 2010

For God Sakes Calm Down

I end week 5 of TYSIC, by coming to the conclusion that I overreact way too much. My main problem this week was that my cable went out so I couldn't watch TV. Right, well, this might not seem like a big deal for some, but for someone that practically avoids contact with the outside world it's important. Actually the first time I called the cable company I was pretty upbeat. I usually have problems talking to people over the phone, it makes me nervous. But after last weeks laptop incident I decided that I must remain level headed. That kind of stopped after 4 or 5 days of still not having television however.

The worst part, as mentioned earlier, I tend to overreact and just burden myself with whatever little problem is occurring. So basically throughout the week I could only think of fixing my television. This meant unplugging and replugging everything to try to get it to work. And then like last week with the laptop I called my dad. Only to have him yell at me about what I should try doing and then me yelling back about how I had already tried that. For a couple of years now my dad has been tolerant of the fact that sometimes I use curse words in front of him and my mom. They both used to hate it but now they seem fine with it. However, that they I must have used one too many in a row because I hadn't been yelled at that much since forever. And I'm pretty sure he thought I was calling him a "stupid fucker" when I was just arguing with my TV. My reaction to all this was to basically breakdown and start crying.

Yes, I realize that's irrational. It wasn't only the TV though, but I'd also been having a lot of stress from my classes, especially accounting since I think I bombed the last exam and from not having enough time to do my financial aid form by next Thursday. All of this has just given me a massive migraine the past couple of days. Luckily after almost a week and having to call the company (with a really unhelpful staff btw) three times a week my TV is working again. No one in the company knows what happened or how it got fixed just so you all know.

In other news, my next step in getting myself out there is to sign up to listen to another lecture. I know most people might choose going to a party, but I like to think that I'm taking baby steps first. I need a controlled environment. Anyways hopefully I'll get a ticket to go if not to many people signed up already. It's to go listen to Richard Branson, so it could be interesting.

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