Friday, April 16, 2010

The End is Approaching

Of my first year of college anyways, this is still only the end of week 6 of TYSIC, I'm not giving up yet. My last final is on the 14th of May. Needless to say I'm completely dreading it. With the unpredictability of my computer I don't see how I'm going to be able to write two 15 page papers and one 10 page paper in the next four weeks. Hopefully, it won't betray me till school is over.

This may not seem TYSIC related, but it is given that one of my goals is to have a degree in business, specifically I'd love to work in international business, and I'm interested in marketing and advertising. However, I'm really having trouble with one business course this semester. I absolutely hate accounting. It sucks that it is required for all freshmen. I took Accounting 101 (financial accounting) in the Fall and I also thought I would fail, however we had stuff like participation points, and a couple case studies that brought my grade up to a B at the end. However, the class this semester, Accounting 102 (managerial accounting) is all about the exams pretty much. I completely failed my last test and I have no idea if I'll even pass the class. The thing I hate most is that the test was one 4 questions that doesn't exactly give you the best chances. I got partial points on two of them, but I still failed. I just want to get this class over with, even if it is a barely passing grade.

My exam for this class is the May 7th, so I'm going to try to go to every extra session we have in order to try to learn as much as possible during this time. It just makes me feel awful because I was always the "A" student, and while I didn't plan on staying that way in college I still wanted to have good grades. This is the only class I'm doing bad in. Psychology, History of Ancient Greece, Writing, and my Theology class are all fine. The worst part about accounting is that it is killing my desire to be in business. I feel like I have no interest for it right now.

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