Saturday, May 22, 2010

Done With School, Now Oh So Lazy

Finally completed my first year of college. The final exams for the most part were pretty easy, except accounting which I wanted to throw up before and after while taking it. Now since I have tons of free time on my hands, I can finally get to working on TYSIC some more. Too be completely honest I finished school May 15th, but I've been so lazy that I haven't even updated this thing yet.

So far my first week at home hasn't exactly been stress free. My mom had to go to the hospital (which is about 30 minutes away by car) with my sister for her last session of chemotherapy. So I have been responsible for waking up my other sister at 6 am and get her ready for school. I didn't even wake up at 6 am while I was in school. I also had to babysit my neighbors two year old daughter.

Right now, I'm hoping to start writing and reading. But of course I might just decide to be lazy and watch tv. I have missed the past 3 Doctor Who episodes and also the Lost finale is tomorrow and I feel like I may just make that a whole days event