Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life Up to Date

Okay, first week of TYSIC is over and done with. I really don't think there has been much improvement, but hey, I still have 9 years and 51 weeks to go. There have been minor things though.

I talked about how my optimism challenge is going yesterday, so I'll try to hit on some other things. In a new development, I think my little sister might be getting better. I still haven't plucked up the courage to call my mom, whose at the hospital with her in Tennessee, but I did speak to my dad. He's in Florida for business reasons, so he's keeps calling to get updates from my mom. She's started to talk, but still seems pretty out of it according to what my mom told him. I think I might actually call the hospital today, if I don't get to scared and chicken out.

Part of my challenge was to put myself out there more. Sort of hard this week because most of the campus is on vacation, but I did take some strides. I actually left the university's parameters by myself. Yes, I know it doesn't seem like much, but trust me it's big for me. One of the things I haven't done is walk around in normal, semi-crowded streets with people going into stores. So I explored a bit, instead of staying inside my dorm filling my brain with countless hours of television. To be honest I didn't like it. To many people, it was loud, and all the stores were expensive. There were a couple places I would like to visit again and maybe next time I'll try to spring up a conversation with someone I don't know.

On the following through bit for this week, I promised myself to write two essays that aren't done until March 18th and to outline my 15 page essay due April 4th. My main reason is that I procrastinate like crazy. If it wasn't for this I would probably wait a lot later, and end up turning in something I'm not at all proud of. So far I've finished one and hopefully will finish another one tonight.

Also I've gotten a hold of 10 books that are in my current reading list. So I will hopefully start reading some during this upcoming week.


  1. let us know what you're reading :)

    crowds of people (especially in shops) are horrible, i completely agree with that. i would urge you to go back to the places you like though, having a place or two that you become familiar with is great, and can make the other places less daunting. and its easier to speak to new people in a place you've been to once or twice before.

  2. I'm really struck by how much you've got on your plate at the moment! Since I live in the UK and am totally ignorant about USA geography, I don't know how difficult/possible/impossible it would be for you to go and visit your sister in hospital? Are your college tutors aware of what you're having to cope with at the moment because I can't help feeling you ought to be gettig some kind of emotional or practical support.

  3. Ben: Yes, I will be posting what books I read. I'd have to start one first though.
    And yeah the crowds really get on my nerves, but I will hopefully go back to the small shops I found

    Erin: Yeah, it's been a lot to deal with. Well, from DC to where my sister is would be about 2 hours on a plane. But it is $300, and that's something I don't have right now. Two of my professors know, and said that I could talk to them but that's it really. I would also feel uncomfortable talking to someone face to face. So the internet has actually been a real help.

  4. $300 is a huge amount! I can understand why you can't go (presumably mum or dad aren't in a position to pay this either)
    Hope you find the courage to ring your mum at the hospital soon - I know it's scarey but you really need to ring. Please try.

  5. Yes, it is. And you're right my parent's are having their fair share of money problems right now, so I don't want to bother them.

    I actually did. I was able to call yesterday. My sister woke up after 3 days. She wasn't able to see when she first woke, but I think she's able to now. She had a lot of sensitivity problems. Someone would barely touch her and she would scream because it hurt. I think she's gotten a little better from this too though.

    She was supposed to come home today, but I just spoke with my dad, and he said that she had a fever. So they aren't letting her go yet. I really do feel somewhat cowardish for not being able to call when she was in the coma, but I really couldn't handle it. I'm just glad that right now that is behind us.

  6. Hi again, Lourdes. Well done for ringing when you did (don't berate yourself about not ringing earlier - you are allowed to find this situation really hard to handle - it would be for anyone!!) It's good to hear that your sister has now woken up. Hope she's well enough to go home soon.

    On the other side of your plate (!), how are the various TYSIC things going? - like the essay writing, and the reading, and the getting out and about? Sorry if you've posted a comment about this on Mark's blog already & I missed it.

  7. Yes, thank. I know I shouldn't, but part of me wishes I would have reacted differently in the beginning. Right now they are saying she might be able to go home Tuesday.

    Well, I feel like I responded to this message a bit late, but I did make a new blog about it. Oh, I did complete the essay I was working on. Haven't turned it in yet, and might rework it a bit. Sadly I haven't started writing anything recreational which is part of my TYSIC. Seeing as it is Friday, and I don't plan on doing much homework, I'm going to start reading The Bell Jar which I wanted to start yesterday.